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How to send MT4 files to your own VPS with in 10 seconds

How to setup email setting in MT4

Sign up for a free email account with GMX at

Open up your MT4 -> Tools -> Options -> Email. At the screen, tick Enable then use the following info for the rest


  • SMTP Server:
  • SMTP Login :
  • SMTP Passsword: your gmx email password
  • From:
  • To: email address you want the message to go to (should be the email you frequent)


Restart Mt4 platform for the changes to take effect.


Dukascopy tick data

The article you are about to read is a detailed description of how to acquire free historical Forex tick data and use it in backtesting MT4 EAs to obtain a 99% modeling quality.

1st          2nd          3rd          4th

Download all these 4 files , extract it and make one .CVS file (Note:- Need all 4 files at extraction time ,only one file does not extracted.)